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Dear Gentleman Norman,

Please. You can’t utter a peep to Oliver. But I fell in love with you today. I don’t think I will wash my nose for months to come. I was expecting a unique personality but you are truly amazing. I have a daunting task in front of me to properly capture your unique essence. Now. You must do me a Big favor. Continue to take extra good care of your mommy because as you know, she is a very special lady and you two have some major projects to complete. Please let her know how much I enjoyed our time together this afternoon and I look forward to seeing both of you soon again. Thank you for the book. I will treasure it.

A lick or two back to you,



Tom Wolfe & Chanel

Tom Wolfe & Chanel

Chanel is very much a City dog. She is at home at The Plaza hotel in new York (where she has her own bed and silver bowl) and Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany, as well as Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. She likes the booths that they have there, and always uses a nice linen napkin to sit on . . .
Recently, Chanel visited Paris and Madrid and felt very much at home there too. She disapproves of Dad having beer (even if it is non-alcoholic) and still likes her healthy diet of chicken, carrots and salmon (home cooked of course!)

Chanel even enjoys the train, where she is able to play with her toys and enjoy her delicious food.

And yes, she knows how to be very very good in an airplane, and a 10 hour flight doesn’t bother her at all!!

Vive Chanel!!


Bella the Yellow Lab
Bella is a Yellow Lab and a water bug.  She happily cruises around the bays and oceans of San Diego and Dana Point on our Kayaks and is very ladylike when she gets on and off the kayaks, unlike many or her human friends.  She often takes an afternoon swim in the pool and she has even been on a surfboard. Her favorite trip is to the “Small Crew” Motor Yacht where she keeps a sharp lookout on the forward deck.

Thank you for letting us share our Dog Tale!

- Cathy & Bella


Lady Evie and Lynn – New Kids on the Block

Little Lady Evie

Little Lady “Evie” has recently moved down to San Diego, from Ontario, Canada, and is loving life in one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world!  Evie lives in Pacific Beach and is delighted with the weather here, and the opportunity to spend so much more time enjoying the great outdoors, than in the “Great White North” of cold country Canada.  It is a myth that it is cold all the time there, but it is so exceptionally beautiful here!  We also appreciate the warmth of the people in the community as well.  Evie’s not so crazy about having to hear the Sea World fireworks on a regular basis, but as a tip to others, Evie recommends the “Thunder Shirt.”
Our best to Gentleman Norman.

May each paw step be in Peace and Love,
From Lynn and Evie



Jack is 8 years old and he is the most wonderful dog in the world !

Friend of Gentleman Norman




Hi Laura, It was so nice to meet you at Naeem Khan show. It was fantastic but I really think Norman should have been in attendance. I suppose he would have distracted attention away from the auction items! I hope to see you again with Norman! If you ever need a sitter, me and my dog Woofie will be happy to volunteer.

Dear Laura,

I cannot begin to tell you what a gift you and Gentleman Norman have been to me.
I met you both 2 years ago at the Fairmont, and was so enchanted with Norman that I teared up when I met you!
I really believe that animals have such a great capacity to heal.
I really admire that work that you are doing, offering joy to people, comfort, and smiles as Gentleman Norman has – and you know it – a wonderful spirit.
We all know that 4-leggeds take on the energy, personality and spirit of their owners, so I can clearly see that you are a good soul too!
I wish you a lovely Christmas, a wonderful new year, and all the best.

Your fan,
Rachel Fleischman
Twin Peaks, San Francisco

Dear Laura,

My husband Tony and I met and fell in love with you and Norman last Friday at Bergdorffs

I was the lady who put the Mary bracelet on your wrist.  We have thought and talked about you both so many times, since Friday.
We would like to purchase about a dozen copies of Normans book and have them signed for special christmas gifts.  I am wondering what would be the best way to get this done.

1). You could personalize book plates and send them to me, and I could put them in the books that I purchase from amazon.

2). I know you did a book signing at the plaza anthony last Saturday, if you have books there I could send a check to you and my fed ex number, if you could send them.
If you could advise us on how the most efficient and simplest for you to bring Norman into our lives for Christmas.
I will be thinking and praying for you this up coming Christmas, you have touched our hearts.

Very sincerely,




I just ordered two of Gentleman Norman’s books.  I saw you in the elevator at Bergdorf’s last week and I wanted to come to the book signing, but we already had theatre tickets.  Anyway, I love the message of the book and that you give back to charity.  I am giving one of the books to my grandson who is 7, I think it will be a great gift.  Thank you so much for this wonderful book.



Hello Laura,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. It’s ALWAYS so nice to hear from you. I was cleaning up my office and came across photos of Gentleman Norman. I can’t tell you how much he makes me smile and calms my soul. I now have placed his photos in a safe place in my drawer, so when it gets HECTIC around here I know what will calm me down.
Oh, how chic to attend NY fashion week. I would love to go one day.

The next time you’re here in SF, please give me a call and I’d love to meet for coffee/tea. Can’t wait to hear about Gentleman Norman and Howard.

Warmest regards,


How is Norman? I meant to tell you what Elsie said to me the other day. She said “mama when I grow up and move out I only want to take a few things. One of the dining room chairs, the blanket on the sofa and the gentleman norman book” Is that too much she asks?   Hope that makes you laugh!

Jill & Elsie


You are a true Gentleman Norman & so much thanks for what you and your Mother are doing for Alzheimer’s disease.