Author and Publisher of "How To Be A Man" by Laura MartellaLaura Martella

Author / Publisher  of  “How To Be A Man”

Laura Martella is the pure essence of style and grace. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Laura has always had a sensitive appreciation for the value of beauty in all aspects of her life. A lover of interior design and fashion, she is also a woman who has an inherent understanding for the value of impeccable manners. There is a certain effortlessness in her ability to make people feel at ease; southern hospitality if you will. With this in mind, it will come as no surprise that the book collaboration between she and her beloved Pomeranian, Gentleman Norman is a tutorial on just that; how to be a gentleman.

Laura’s book, Gentleman Norman: How to be a Man is a project full of passion. It was inspired by the loss of her mother Patricia Zweig, to Alzheimer’s disease early in 2011. Laura began working on the book in the fall of that year, after enduring her mother’s seven year battle with the disease. As the only child, Laura was committed to the task of making the decisions that would impact the last years of her mother’s life. The creation of the book was a natural segue allowing Laura to explore all of her assets, which hadn’t been tapped into since her earlier work as a fashion coordinator. As the creative director of the book, Martella visualized and styled every vignette and wrote each line of clever repartee. While overseeing the publishing details, her keen attention was focused on every subtle nuance throughout the process. Each meticulously crafted photograph features Gentleman Norman with an elegant yet unidentified woman in beautiful surroundings – a nod to Laura’s appreciation for aesthetics. Laura weaved sentimental touches throughout the book as well. In honor of her father’s service, Laura incorporated a touching vignette with a World War II veteran. Ultimately, it was Martella’s goal to position Norman as an approachable and lovable face to raise awareness for a devastating disease.Enter to Win a free copy of the book!

In honor of Norman’s twelfth birthday, Martella has launched a national book tour, sharing Norman’s practical advice for the modern day man. Clearly the timing is right to share his wisdom with the world, as the book has received praise across the board. From Good Morning America correspondent Lara Spencer, to an enthusiastic endorsement from the esteemed Tom Wolfe (America’s First Concierge) it has been touted and tweeted about.

Currently when Laura isn’t busy making appearances around the country, she’s enjoying her time at home in Rancho Santa Fe, California. There, Mrs. Martella is focused on making a beautiful home for her husband Mike, her other Pomeranian Howard and of course… Norman.

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